If you provide or offer special beds for young children or babies such as a cot then please reach out to our support or sales team to activate the 'Child Beds' feature.

The 'Child bed' feature allows you to accommodate babies and young children without affecting the general capacity of your room types. You can choose to charge guests for child beds or include the option at no charge. You also have the choice to allow guests to add child beds to all your rooms, or you could limit this option to specific rooms.

It is important to note that the 'Child Beds' feature only works at package level, but it is still necessary to put the necessary configurations in place at accommodation level as well. 

  1. the first step is to enter your accommodation in the inventory module

2. Next, select an accommodation item and click on the drop down menu 'Number of beds for infants'. This will indicate how many child beds fit in this specific room, some may be able to accommodate more than others.

3. Scroll down to the 'Pricing' section and click on 'Add row', this will then give you the option to add a rate to adding a child bed to a booking, you can also choose to make this 0 to include child beds at no charge.

4. The next step is to activate the child beds function at package level, this will need to be done for each individual package that you are offering in your Frontoffice. Once in your package scroll down to the 'FRONTOFFICE' section and then click on the blue gear icon under 'Pax Selector'.

5. The following window will popup, activate the toggle next to 'Childs'. Make sure that this is done for each of the packages where you want to allow guests to reserve a child bed for their rooms.

What does this look like in the Frontoffice

  1. Once the above mentioned steps have been completed guests will now be able to indicate if they are booking their stay with a baby or young child. The pax picker will now include 'Infants'.

2. For the following example a family of 5 guests is now able to book a double room with 2 guests + 1 infant, and a twin room with 2 guests. Next only 4 guests will be required to fill in their details, the babies details will not need to be required.

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