If you are operating a property that sees rate fluctuations beyond simple seasonal pricing, the Rate Management module will allow you to easily increase or decrease rates for certain dates. Please note this is an Advanced Feature and may not be included in your plan. If you want to make use of Rate Management, please contact our sales team.

How to work with Rate Management

You will find the Rate Management module under Sales > Rate Management. Before you can edit daily rates from the grid, you need to enable "Day Rates" in the product. To do this:

1. Click on Inventory > Accommodation (Activities and Services apply too) and open the product's settings page.

2. Scroll down to the pricing section and change the price type to "Day Rates".

3. Set a base rate and click save. This will be the default rate in the grid for that product.

5. From the Rate Management module's grid, click and drag across the rooms and dates you would like to set day rates for. On the top right corner, you can enter the new price and click OK.

6. You can reset the prices to the base rate by selecting them and clicking on "Reset to".

Please note: If you work with Day Rates for Activities products, make sure to set a Limited capacity. Day Rates aren't supported when an activity has unlimited capacity. If you do not want to limit the capacity of the item, set it to 99.

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