If you are operating a property that sees rate fluctuations beyond simple seasonal pricing, then the Rate Management pro feature is a great tool to add to your Bookinglayer account to maximize the revenue potential of your rooms. The Rate Management Module will allow you to easily increase or decrease rates for certain dates. If you want to make use of Rate Management then please reach out to our support or sales team.

Once the feature has been activated, you will find it under the Sales module.

How to work with Rate Management

You can choose which inventory items you want to apply Rate Management to. The most common application is for Accommodation. To apply Rate Management to your accommodation you must first change your Pricing settings from Standard to Daily Rates. To do this:

1. Click on Accommodation in the Inventory module.

2. Next, select an accommodation item and scroll down to the pricing section.

3. Set your Price Type from Standard to Day Rates.

4. Next set your base rate and click save. This will be the default rate which can be changed for specific dates in the Rate Manager

5. Next, proceed to go to the rate management module. You can also access the rate management module in the sales module as shown in the first picture.

6. Once you’re in the Rate Management module, select the inventory category that you want to work with.

7. Next click and drag across the rooms and dates where you want to change the rates. 

8. When the dates are highlighted in blue enter the desired room rate for those dates in the box in the top right of your screen and press OK. This can be done for all inventory items.

9. You can reset the prices by clicking the same dates, when highlighted in blue click on Reset to base in the top right of your screen.

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