When configuring your accommodation, it is important that you decide how you want your rooms to be presented in the Frontoffice when a guest makes a booking.

In order to keep the Frontoffice organised and simple for the booker, rooms are grouped into categories according to their Room Types. Properties with a large room inventory don’t need to show 10 rooms that are all identical in the booking page, otherwise the booking page will get clustered and overflow with room options. For this reason, Bookinglayer will group room types to keep the booking page organised and clean. 

If your rooms have key differences that you want your guests to see in the Frontoffice, such as one double room having a fan and another double room having air conditioning. It is then important that the distinction is made in Room Types to prevent the two rooms being grouped and not individually shown in the Frontoffice.

This article will explain how to set a new room type.

There are three ways in which you can present your rooms in the Frontoffice, they are the following:

  1. Group all rooms under the same Room Type:

As can be seen in the picture below all rooms have the same Room Type in the Backoffice. This will result in only one room being shown in the Frontoffice, as all rooms have been grouped under the same room type.

 2. Separate all rooms under different Room Types:

As can be seen in the picture below, a different room type has been applied to each room in the backoffice. This results in each room being shown individually in the Frontoffice.

3. Use a combination of grouped rooms and showing certain individually:

As can be seen in the picture below three different Room Types have been used across 10 different room. This results in only three rooms being shown in the Frontoffice.

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