When an inventory item such as a room or a package is set as Hidden, it is not shown in the Frontoffice and clients are not able to directly book that item. You can, however, still add this hidden room to your packages and your clients will be able to choose it only within that package.

In order to manage what is shown in the Frontoffice,

1. Click on Sales Module

2. Click Frontoffice layout

3. Click Add a group if you want to create a new Frontoffice category

4. Next click the three dots and then press Edit to give the new Frontoffice category a title and to select a photo.

5. Once you have created your Frontoffice category, the next step is to add inventory items that you want to be visible in the Fronoffice. To do this click on the + button of the Frontoffice category you want to edit.

6. Next you can allocate various Inventory items to the selected Frontoffice category.

Once selected, the inventory item will be visible in the respective Frontoffice category.

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