Group bookings offer your guests the convenience of making a booking quickly with minimum effort. 

Choose accommodation types
In the first step, they enter the number of guests, the guest details and can then choose their type of accommodation. Whether they all want to stay in the same dorm, or whether they want to split up into private rooms and/or dorms - the possibilities are endless.

Configure Packages
In the next step, the group can now choose to either configure the same package for everybody or to configure individual packages based on the members' specific preferences. For example, they can choose different levels of expertise for activities, they can add extras to their individual packages, or decide to keep their package basic.

Collecting customer information
While making the booking, all group members will only need to give basic details (name and email address), or they will be able to skip this step, depending on the settings related to your guest form. Only the main booker will need to give further details at the end of the booking process in order to make the booking process a quick, easy, and convenient one for the group.

The main booker will then receive a shareable link to the group's customer portal, where you can request further information per person, such as dietary requirements, passport numbers, and any other information that is relevant to you.

Click here to learn more about the web-check in and gathering customer details.

Split Payments
In a group booking, you can decide whether you want to enable guests to pay separately or as a whole. Again, offering split payments is convenient for your guests.

In order to enable split payments, go to the group booking in your backoffice and opt-in for split payments in the drop-down menu on the right.

In the customer portal, amounts will now be shown split per person and all group members can proceed to their individual payment link.

Click here to learn more about split payments.

Long story short - group bookings now make life easier and booking processes faster for you and your guests while at the same time maintaining the advantages of individual bookings.

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