Gift Cards come as an Advanced Feature. If you would like to have them enabled in your account please contact our sales team.

This feature gives you the chance to offer gift cards through your Booking Engine or provide them when refunding a customer.

Before you start using this feature, make sure Gift Card is added and active as a payment option in Settings > Payments.

Booking Engine Gift Cards

You can offer your customers the chance to purchase gift cards through your Booking Engine with a certain value that they (or the gifted person) can later redeem for a new booking.

You will find Gift Cards under the Sales module of your Backoffice.

How to work with Gift Cards

To create a Gift certificate:

1. Click on Add a gift card
2. Assign an existing category or create a new one
3. Give it a title

4. Set a  price that represents the value of the gift card
5. If desired, add an image and description

To make a Gift Card bookable:

6. Access the Booking Engine Layout section, under the Sales module

7. Click on Add widget and select Product.

8. Choose the Gift Card you want to add from the inventory side menu that will open on the right side of the screen.

9. Save it.

10. Make sure you make it visible and don't forget to Save the Layout.

How do Gift Cards work?

Customers can "book" gift certificates just like any other product in your Booking Engine.

After check-out, immediate payment will be required. Once they pay the full amount they will receive an automated email with an attached PDF containing the voucher code.

This code can be used in the Payment Form when selecting the option "Pay by Gift Card". Customers can decide how much they would like to redeem as long as the amount is equal or superior to the required deposit.

Refund Gift Cards

It is also possible to generate a gift card to refund a registered payment and work as a voucher for a future booking. 

Please check our knowledge base article Refunds & Credit notes to extend on this topic.

Email Templates

Customers will receive their gift cards via email. In Settings > Automation > Email Templates you can find these templates (with a default text) and edit them.

*Make sure to not use [order.gift_cert] tag in Gift Card Templates.

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