Guests groups allow you to configure different package base rates and activity prices according to a guest category you have previously defined (students, kids, etc). Guest Group is a Bookinglayer pro-feature. Please contact support if you would like to have it enabled in your account.

To create a guest group:

  1. Access Settings > General Settings > Guest groups.

2. Click on "Add a Guest Group".

3. Label the guest group and enter the corresponding translations. Set an age range if it applies for the guest group (e.g kids 3-18). If age is not a determinant for the guest group, set 1 to 99. Finally, click save.

To apply guest group pricing:

Once you have your guest groups created, you can assign different prices to each item in their configuration:

  1. Open the package's configuration.

2. Enable guest group rates.

 3. Click on "add a rate" and configure pricing for each guest group you have defined.

How does it work?

After selecting the rooms, on the guest details section, the booker will be able to select which guest group corresponds to each guest. Please note that the price indicated at this point is not considering the different pricing configuration.

Once you click continue, the price will be recalculated according to the configured pricing. The guest group will be indicated next to each guest's name.

Please note:

  • Guest group selection works at a package level in the Frontoffice. Single activities must be included within a package for the guest group selection drop down to be displayed.
  • If your package contains activities also with guest group rates, the guest groups have to match.

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