The Partner Login is a Bookinglayer Pro-feature. If you would like to activate it please contact our sales or support team.

The Partner-user will only have access to the Calendar and Bookings module and will able to create new bookings and see existing ones. The partner-user will not be able to delete or cancel any bookings.

To create a login for a partner, follow these steps:

1. Access Settings > Users

2. Click on "Add a user"

3. Assign the Partner role, complete the remainder of the form and click on Save User

4. Once you click on Save user a new window will popup where more information can be filled in.

5. Select which Partner the users belongs to via the Partner-tab.

6. If you have not created any partners yet, make sure to do this in the Sales Module under Partners. This article explains how to create a new partner. Once you have created your partners you will be able to apply them to users as explained in step 5.

7. Send the username and password to your partner.

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