If you don't see this feature in your Backoffice and would like to have it activated, please contact support.

To open the Package Builder:

1. Access the Packages tab in the Inventory module, then click on the three dotted menu to edit the package,

2. Scroll down to the Package Contents section and click on Open Package Builder.

You will find three sections:

Base Items
Items that you add here are included in the package by default. The booker has no option to change they are part of an item group.
If you also define Optional Items then it is recommendable to hide Base Items from your Frontoffice to not overload the booker.

Optional Items
Items that you add here can be optionally selected by the booker. Per item you can decide which level of freedom the booker has in configuring the item.

Cross Sell Items

Items that you add here will be presented to the booker in a pop-up as soon as they have completed the configuration of their package.

Item groups

You can create groups of items for your bookers to be able to choose between one of the alternatives. Item groups are available at all item levels. This is thoughful if you have activities that can't be combined if booked together (e.g. beginner surf lessons and surf guiding).

To create an item group click on the three dotted menu of one of the items that will be part of the group and then "add item to this group" to add other items to that group.

Note: it is not possible to combine a group item configured by quantity with other group items on day configuration.

Item configuration

You can set when items are scheduled/bookable in a Frontoffice booking. There are four ways to configure this, lets review each:


You can set items to be bookable on 

  • Arrival date (check-in date)
  • Normal day, every day other than arrival and departure
  • Departure day (check-out date)
  • Unscheduled. This option will unselect the previous ones. Your bookers will be able to choose from a dropdown menu the quantity they want to book. Items will not be placed in a date.

Bookers will be able to select items for the days of the week you determine here.

You can configure a pattern and set at which day an item is bookable according to its position.

Similar to the unscheduled option, bookers will be able to book from a minimum to a maximum number of items you set.

  • Default items are always included to the booking in the way you have configured them. In case there is a group of default items, you booker will be able to select between one of the group items, yet it will still follow the configuration you have set. One of the items will always be marked, so the booker will always carry a default item.
  • Optional configurable items allow the booker to select when they would like to book the item choosing from the available days of their stay you have configured 
  • Optional non configurable items allow the booker to select an item that you have already configured when it will be scheduled in his stay.

Configurable vs. non configurable

Optional items give the opportunitty to be set as configurable or non configurable in Frontoffice. This feature can be turned on ( green = configurable ) or off (red = non configurable) by clicking in the calendar icon.

Configurable items will give the booker the chance to select the item day by day, or session by session, according to the configuration you have set.

Non configurable items, when selected, will add the item to the booking for all the days of the stay you have set in the item configuration.


You can decide if each item's price is picked from the inventory  and applied to the total package price (considering the pricing logic set) or if it will be included at no charge. If you choose the option to "pick from inventory", it is also possible to apply a reduction (apply discount field) to the price taken from the inventory,  that will only apply in this specific package.

This reduction or discount will be automatically deduced from the price points and will not be displayed as a discount in the summary widget.

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