The customer portal is a page for your customers to:

1. Confirm their booking

2. Go through their booking itinerary

3. View an itemised price breakdown

4. Visualize and make payments of the deposit or remaining balance

5. Provide guests' personal and transfer details

6. View the booking terms and conditions

A Breakdown of the Customer Portal

1. Booking Confirmation

If a booking has been created by a Bookinglayer user in the Backoffice, it can be set to Pending and the Customer Portal URL can be sent to the client in order for them to confirm the booking. Once the client confirms the booking, the booking status will automatically be updated to Confirmed in your Backoffice. 

If you have set Booking Terms, the customer will need to accept them in order to confirm the booking.

2. Booking itinerary

The booking itinerary gives an overview of your customer's booking information. This includes arrival and departure dates, booked accommodations for each guest, as well as any extra activities for each guest.

3. Itemised breakdown

The itemised breakdown gives an overview of how the booking's total value is composed. It includes a line for each item that is added at a direct cost. Items that don't have a direct cost assigned (e.g some package items included at no cost) will not appear in the breakdown.

4. Payments

In this section, your customers can pay their deposit or remaining balance. By clicking on "Make a payment" they will be directed to the Payment Form. If the booking has already been paid for, a payment summary will be displayed. They are also able to download their booking invoice as a PDF document.

5. The Web Check-in

Through this section, you can request guest information prior to their arrival. This information will be automatically updated with the guest's profile in your Backoffice.

You can ask for personal details, diet, level, transfers, and other special info through custom fields. Learn how to create custom fields in the following article: Custom Fields, an explanation

For more information about the Web Check-in, please visit this article: The Web Check-in feature in the Customer Portal.

How to give your clients access to their Customer Portal

There are two ways to send the Customer Portal to your customers. It can be done by using the Customer Portal URL tag in your email templates, or by copying and pasting the URL. We will show you how can you do it in both ways.

1. Using the Customer Portal URL tag in your email templates

1. Click on Settings on the left side menu > Automation.

2. Select one of the email templates or create a new one.

3. In the email box, click on the Booking tags drop-down

4. Add the Customer Portal URL to your email body.

5. Save your changes. Now you will be able to send emails manually or automatically containing this link.

2. Copying and Pasting the Customer Portal URL 

There is more than one way to open a booking - in this example we are accessing the booking through the Bookings Module.

1. Click on Bookings Module

2. Click on Bookings

3. Click on the Booking Number

4. With the booking page open, access the Customer Portal URL by clicking on the link View Customer Portal.

5. Copy the Customer Portal URL that appears in the pop-up box. Now you have a direct link to that booking's customer portal. Each link is unique for each booking, please only provide it to the corresponding booker.

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