The Waiting Status comes as an Advanced Feature. If you would like to have it enabled in your account please contact our sales team.

The Waiting Status will allow customers to request booking a package when one or several of its items have no availability for the selected dates. This will give you the chance to review your logistics and consider if the booking is possible or hold it in case of a cancellation. Once enabled, the Waiting status will affect all of your packages.

How does it work?

When a booker tries to book a package containing an unavailable item they will be allowed to continue in the same way as a booking request. Bookers will see that selecting an unavailable item will place them on a waiting list.

At check-out, the booker is reminded that some of the selected items will place the booking on a waiting list and allow to place an inquiry. The booking will not be confirmed.

Important: make sure to set up your thank you message under Booking Engine > Thank you page. Scroll down to Thank you page content for Waiting list bookings part. If you don't set up the message, the booker will be redirected to a blank page.

The booking will go through to the Backoffice with a Waiting status.

Bookinglayer will inform about those items that are causing conflict for the booking to be confirmed. This gives the Backoffice user the opportunity to make modifications to the calendar and availability of items. If the booking is finally possible, the booking status can be changed to Confirmed or Pending.

Case examples


You receive a booking on waiting status because a room that was selected in the booking has no availability. You could consider offering the booker another accommodation option, move the booking to another room, set it to pending status, and get back to the customer with the proposed room change. When the booker is happy with the change, they can confirm via the Customer Portal.


You have set your daily surf lessons capacity to 10 pax because you have 2 surf instructors that can handle 5 guests each. You consider increasing capacity is not profitable since it will require hiring a third instructor, and you might not complete the third group of 5 pax. 

You receive a booking with a waiting status for 5 pax, which will make hiring a third instructor worth it. You can increase the capacity of the lesson and confirm the incoming booking.

How to confirm a Waiting booking?

When you receive a booking with Waiting status, it is not possible to directly change the status to Pending or Confirmed, you have to "resolve the overbooking".

To resolve the overbooking you will have to change the rooms or increase the capacity of your activities/services.

Follow the next steps:

1. Open the booking on Waiting status

2. Click on the three dots next to the item on the waiting list

3. Resolve the overbooking

4. To resolve the overbooking, select an available room from the list. In the case of activities, you can increase the capacity, if possible.

5. Once the overbooking is resolved, you will be able to change the status of the booking to Confirmed or Pending.

The Waiting List

In case of a cancellation, a package that has received booking requests with a Waiting status and is now available will not immediately become available in the booking engine.

The bookings that have previously requested this package and hold a Waiting status will form a Waiting list. This is done to prioritize the bookers that have already requested over new bookers.

If the bookers that had requested are no longer interested, from the Backoffice you can decide to ignore the Waiting list. For the package to become available in the Booking Engine, you will first need to cancel the bookings on the Waiting list.

You can see which bookings are on the Waiting list from Bookings > Waiting or by trying to place a booking from the Calendar. If there are Waiting bookings for the product you are trying to book a pop-up notice will open with the list of the Waiting bookings.

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