With this upgrade feature you can allow customers to request booking a package even when some of its items have no capacity. This will give you the chance to review your logistics and consider if the booking is possible or not.

*This feature is not present in Backoffice Settings. To activate this upgrade feature, please contact support.

How does it work?

If a booker tries to book a package containing an unavailable item they will be allowed to continue in the same way as a booking request. The booking will not be confirmed.

The booking will come through to the backoffice with a waiting status.

The system will inform about those items that are causing conflict for the booking to be confirmed. This gives the backoffice user the chance to make modifications in the calendar and availability of items. If the booking is finally possible, the booking status can be changed to confirmed or pending.

Case examples


You recieve a booking on waiting status because a room that was selected in the booking has no availability. You could consider to offer the booker another accommodation option, move the booking to another room, set it to pending status and get back to the customer with the proposed room change. When the booker is happy with the change, he is able to confirm via the Customer Portal.


You have set your daily surf lessons capacity to 10 pax because you have 2 surf instructors that can handle 5 guests each. You consider increasing capacity is not profitable since it will require hiring a third instructor, and you might not complete a third group of 5 pax. 

You recieve a booking on waiting status for 5 pax, which will make hiring a third insutructor worth it. You can increase capacity of the lesson and confirm the incoming booking.

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