Capacity Manager comes as an Advanced Feature. If you would like to have them enabled in your account please contact our sales team.

To access the Capacity Manager go to the Planning Module > Capacity Manager. There you will see a list of the products that have the Capacity Manager activated in their Configuration setting.

Enable Capacity Management on a product
Capacity Management can be enabled on an Activity or Service-product. Simply open the item in your inventory and search for it in the section named 'Configuration' where you will find the option to activate the Capacity Manager.

Change the capacity of a product
After enabling the product to be listed in the Capacity Manager you will see a row with the default capacity as the base capacity. To change the value you can either click one cell or a rectangle of cells. Selected cells are marked blue after which you can change the value for them via the input on the right-hand side (confirm the change by clicking on OK). If you would like to restore the value to the original capacity of the product you can use the button 'Reset to base'

Capacities & Packages
When a Package contains an Activity or a Service that is managed by the Capacity Manager it will, by default, allow overbookings. If you would like to make sure that a package cannot be booked when e.g. a class is full, then you need to change the Booking Policy-setting on the package item **. 

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