If you have to refund a customer the total or a partial amount of their booking, you can register this refund in the Backoffice.

1. Click on the Payments tab of the booking.

2. Click on the three dots next to the payment you want to refund

3. Click on Refund

4. Indicate the amount of the refund

  • Add any notes to the refund (e.g Surf Lessons did not take place because of bad weather conditions)

5. Click on Register Refund

Please remember that Bookinglayer doesn't automatically refund guests. The steps below explain how to register refunds in your Backoffice after having refunded your guests.

Gift card alternative

If you would like to refund the client for an amount that they can only use for a future booking, you can generate a gift card with a voucher code they will be able to redeem at the check-out section of the Booking Engine.

To do this, follow the same refund registration process but make sure you mark the "Refund as gift card" field.

Once you register the refund, the gift card will be generated. To send or download the gift card Click on the three dots that correspond to the recently issued gift certificate to display the options.

  • The send option will email the guest a PDF containing the code, valid amount, and instructions to redeem it.

  • The download option will download the gift card PDF to your device.

Credit notes

If you would like to change an invoice which has already been closed, for example, register a deduction of the amount of a booking in your Backoffice, you can do so by using Credit Notes:

1. Access the closed invoice in the Invoice module of the booking.

2. Click on "Make credit note"

4. It will first give you the option to set a percentage to credit. This is useful if you need to credit the customer a specific percentage due to a cancellation. If you don't want to credit a percentage, leave to the default 100% and click Continue.

5. A credit note will open and the new screen will give you the possibility to select the items you want to be present in the credit note by deleting the rest. You can also edit each line of the credit note by clicking on the cog icon.

6. Once you are done configuring the credit note click on "Close credit note".

* Currently credit notes can't be sent automatically to guests.

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