In Bookinglayer each booking has a status. The behaviour of many features such as your Automated Emails, the Payment Form, and the Customer Portal is based on the status of a booking. Important to know is that every status, except Expired and Canceled, keeps bed(s)/slot(s) blocked.

Let us first go through all possible statuses and then explain how they are used in 3 different scenarios: Backoffice booking, Booking Engine booking, and Partner booking.

This is a status only available in the Backoffice and can be used for an unfinished booking where still changes have to be made before you want to send an email to the customer.

This is a status only available for Booking Engine bookings and is designed for bookings that you want to review before confirming them.

This is the status for an unconfirmed booking where action from the customer is required. Bookinglayer gives you the possibility to set a timer on a Pending booking. When the booking is not confirmed or (partly) paid by the customer before the timer ends, the status will change automatically to Expired. Depending on your settings, the timer can be set for you by Bookinglayer.

The booking is confirmed but no payments have been made against it yet.

At least one payment has made and the booking's outstanding amount is higher than zero. 

The booking is fully paid.

You have cancelled the booking. The only way to cancel a booking is via the Backoffice. A cancelled booking won't hold any beds/slots.

The booking has been expired as it was not confirmed (or paid) on time. Only Pending bookings can become Expired. An expired booking won't hold any beds/slots.

Waiting - Bookinglayer Advanced Feature
One or more items in the booking are not available and in order to confirm the booking, a change has to be made by a Backoffice user to resolve the overbooking.
This status relies on the Waiting List module that can be activated on Bookinglayer Pro-accounts (and allows you to accept any Booking Engine booking no matter the availability). For more details, please refer to our knowledge-based article: The Waiting Status.

Now you have read about all the possible statuses, let's review how they are used in the different booking flows.

1 - Backoffice Booking Flow

When you make a booking via the calendar in the Backoffice the initial status will be Draft but you can change that to Pending or Confirmed immediately.

When you set the status to Pending, the booking will expire depending on the Expiry setting. When the customer visits the Customer Portal a message is shown that the booking needs his confirmation after which he is redirected to the Payment Form.

Per booking, you can overrule the expiry date and either shorten or extend the time
the booking is valid for. 

Note: when you accept bank transfer payments we advise you to be careful working with Pending Bookings as it might let a booking expire while somebody has made a payment in the meantime.

When you set the status to Confirmed you might want to chase a payment before arrival. Using automated emails you can set reminders for your customers to pay their deposit.

As soon as a customer pays for a Confirmed booking, the status will change to Deposit-Paid. When you work with Pending bookings and a customer would make a payment while the booking is Pending, the status will shortly flip to Confirmed and immediately after to Deposit-Paid (this to trigger potential Rules you might have set for Confirmed bookings).

Needless to say, when the customer has paid in full, the booking status changes again, now to Paid.

In case a booking needs to be cancelled you can manually update the status in the Backoffice to Canceled. Any beds or slots inside the booking will be freed.

2 - Booking Engine Booking Flow

The initial status of the booking directly after checkout can be either Request, Pending, or Confirmed. Each package inside the booking will be checked for the setting 'Initial Booking Status' as displayed below. When you set this to Pending, the booker will have to make a payment within a time frame.  

The time an unpaid Booking Engine booking is valid before it expires can be set via Settings > Pending Bookings. Here you can also overrule the previously mentioned Package-setting and request a payment simply on every booking that is made via your Booking Engine. 

3. Partner Booking Flow

In Sales > Partners, you can set the initial state for a new partner booking. This is useful when the policy for a partner is different. It could be that the partner is responsible for the payment as he takes the payment from the booker. In that case, you want to set the initial state for a booking to be Confirmed.

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