Bookinglayer has integrations with two payment gateways that come with more payment methods than just credit card payments. Stripe and Mollie provide alternative methods such as iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact and Alipay. In this article we provide some assistance with the configuration in your Bookinglayer Backoffice.

Bookinglayer has support for these payment methods: iDeal (NL), Sofort (DE), Bancontact (BE), Alipay (China), WeChatPay, Multibanco (PT) and Apple / Google Pay.

If any of these payment methods are enabled on Bookinglayer they should also be enabled on your Stripe dashboard. To activate a payment method on Stripe please refer to the following article: Activate a new payment method.

For Apple / Google Pay make sure to register your domain on Stripe > Settings > Payment Methods > Apple Pay / Google Pay.

It is important that you setup a webhook. Without setting up the webhook your payments won't be registered in Bookinglayer.
This is how you setup the Webhook:

  1. In your Stripe-account go to Webhooks.
  2. Click on 'Add endpoint'.
  3. Copy the URL (you find this URL inside Bookinglayer under your Stripe settings as soon as you have selected one of the alternative payment methods). and paste it in the field 'Endpoint URL'.
  4. Under 'Events to send' you can click on 'receive all events'.

5. After you have created the endpoint, click on the row to open the settings. You will find a Signing Secret here that you need to copy and save in Bookinglayer.

Bookinglayer has support for these payment methods: iDeal (NL), Sofort (DE), Bancontact (BE), IBAN Bank transfer (Europe).

The API key you need to store in Bookinglayer can be found under 'Developers' in your Mollie Dashboard. Copy and paste the 'Live API-key' and you are good to go.

If you will allow bank transfers, don't forget to enable them in your Mollie account too. You will find the setting under Settings > Website Profiles > Payment methods.

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