In this article we explain how you connect Bookinglayer to Xero. Note that we don't cover the setup of your Xero-account for which you should consult the knowledge base of Xero.

Connect to Xero

Under Settings > Integrations you can select Xero after which you can click on 'Connect with Xero'. Xero will ask you to give Bookinglayer permission to access your account.

At this stage we suppose you have completed the basic setup of Xero and that you are familiar with how Xero works. 

Configure the Xero connection - required

Mode - Define whether you want Bookinglayer to send invoices automatically when they get closed or when you manage it manually one by one. We recommend you start with setting this option to MANUAL till you have exported a few invoices.

Invoices can be closed automatically by Bookinglayer. Verify under Settings > Invoicing if this setting is properly set for you.
Invoice date - Define which date is being put on the invoice:
CURRENT: the date on which you (or Bookinglayer) exports the invoice to Xero.
ARRIVAL: the checkin date of the booking.
DEPARTURE: the checkout date of the booking.

Default Sales Account - You can also overrule the Default Sales Account on inventory item level. To change the Account for a specific item or package, open it in your backoffice and scroll down to the section 'Xero'.

Fallback Sales Tax Rate - In case you forget to map a Tax Rate (see below) Bookinglayer will use this value to fall back on.

Invoice reference - This lets you specify a reference that will be displayed on the invoice in Xero.

Map your Tax Rates - required
Make sure each Tax Rate inside Bookinglayer is mapped with one from your Xero account.

Map your Payment Methods - required
Make sure you don't leave any payment methods unmapped. 

Bookinglayer automatically adds a method called Xero Payment. This method will be used in Bookinglayer in the case you register a payment inside Xero using a method that is not known to Bookinglayer. 

Set Tracking Categories - optional
Make sure you are familiar with this feature in Xero and have read this article.
When Tracking Categories have been configured in Xero you can set these on inventory item level. See the section 'Xero' on the settings of an inventory item (or package) inside Bookinglayer.

Send your first invoice to Xero
Now you are good to go. Open a closed invoice (or first close a draft invoice) and send it to Xero by clicking on the 'Send to Xero' button. Within a minute you should see the invoice inside your Xero account under Business > Invoices.

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