Out of many POS systems we've selected Kounta as it allowed us to build an integration that is useful for accommodation providers. When you integrate Bookinglayer with Kounta your guests could make purchases in your bar/restaurant/shop and pay later when they checkout of your facility. In this article we explain how you connect Bookinglayer to Kounta. Note that we don't cover the setup of your Kounta-account for which you should consult the knowledge base of Kounta.

1. Connect to Kounta

Under Settings > Integrations you can select Kounta after which you can click on 'Connect'. Kounta will ask you to give Bookinglayer permission to access your account.

At this stage we suppose you have completed the basic setup of Kounta and that you are familiar with your account. 

2. Add Bookinglayer as a Payment Type in Kounta

Now login into your Kounta dashboard and navigate to Company Settings > Payment Types.

Make sure to create a payment type named Bookinglayer (make surre there is no trailing space and start with a capital B).

3. Make a test booking

You are now good to do a test. Bookinglayer exports your guests to Kounta on their arrival date. For your test you need to create a new booking with today being the arrival date.

After you have made the booking in Bookinglayer open the Kounta POS App (in your browser or on your mobile device). You should see the start screen with your Kounta inventory as in the sample below.

You can either first register any items or set the Customer (guest in Bookinglayer). When you click on 'Add customer' a list of names will appear, together with a search function. The search is the way to go as over time you will build up a large number of customers in Kounta. Search for the name of one of the guests in your test booking after which he/she should appear.

When you have set the customer (guest in Bookinglayer) you will see the name above the cart.

Now you are ready to checkout. After you have clicked Checkout the payment options will appear. You have the option to register the payment in Kounta (using your Kounta payment methods such as Cash) or send the bill to Bookinglayer. When you don't see Bookinglayer under 'Other payment types' it means that you have not yet added Bookinglayer as a method in Kounta (please read the start of this article).

When you choose to send the bill to Bookinglayer, Bookinglayer will create or update a bill in the backoffice. Note that this might take up to a minute to appear. If you have the booking currently on your screen you might need to refresh the page to see a newly created bill.

When you open the bill in Bookinglayer the content should be identical to the one in Kounta. You can now register a payment using Bookinglayer.


  • The integration is designed to have your on-site guests in Kounta. Therefore Bookinglayer creates a new customer record in Kounta for each guest based on the checkin date of your bookings.

  • We recommend capturing email addresses of guests (and not just the main booker) via your Customer Portal before arrival. This way guests are exported to Kounta with a functioning email address allowing you to send a bill from Kounta directly to the guest.

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