Congratulations! You have decided to get your lifestyle back with Bookinglayer and spend time doing the things you love. There are still a few steps to undertake before you can receive your first bookings. We created this overview for you to make it easier!

  1. Access your account with the login details we sent you via email. You can log in via this link.

  2. Decide what packages you are going to add and draw them on a piece of paper. Per package or retreat, write down all the accommodation options and activities, and plan how to set them up. If you have any doubts, ask the onboarding team for help.

  3. Set up your accommodation. Need help? Watch this short video on how to add accommodation

  4. Per package, set up the activities you want to show and upsell on your Booking Engine. This video on how to add an activity will show you how.

  5. Set up the packages you would like to offer your clients in your Booking Engine. For help, you can watch this short tutorial. Don't forget to configure your package items accordingly with the package builder.

  6. Please note we recommend you to set up your packages using the AUTO Package Pricing Logic.

  7. To show your packages and products in your Booking Engine you have to add them to its Layout. This article will help you add and configure the widgets in your booking engine's layout.

  8. Set your desired payment methods. How? This article will help you further!

  9. Set your automated emails, a very important and useful feature of Bookinglayer. For tips and tricks, read this article!

  10. Now it's time for a little reflection. Did everything go as planned? Do you need any help at this stage? When in doubt, feel free to contact our onboarding team!

  11. Did you configure all your packages? Now it's time to go to your Booking Engine and make a test booking for every package you set up! You will be redirected to your Booking Engine by clicking on the Marketplace icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Backoffice. Take your time to check:
    - whether all prices for every package are correct (very important!)
    - whether pictures and/or item descriptions are missing in the Booking Engine
    - whether there's any additional information you need from your clients in order for them to start their trip. You can request this information in your Customer Portal, as explained in this article.

  12. Everything set? Now it's time to go live! First, delete all your test bookings (or contact our support team, and we will do it for you). This is important because that way the test bookings won't show in your financial reports, and they won't block your accommodation for real clients.

  13. To go live, you will have to link your website with the Booking Engine of Bookinglayer. You could link from the call-to-action button on your website (for example, "Book Now!") to the general page in your Booking Engine. However, also consider deep-linking directly from your website to certain packages and products, as this makes the booking process easier for your potential clients.

  14. You're ready to automatically receive and manage your bookings! It's time to get your lifestyle back and let the software do its job!

If you need any help during this process, you can find the answers to your questions in our Help Center, or contact our onboarding and support team for any doubts you might have!

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