It could be that the standard reports Bookinglayer offers are not sufficient. E.g. you need a report for a third party like an insurance company holding details of guests and the items they booked. In these cases Custom Reports might help. A Custom Report is basically an information sheet that is sent by email as an attachment. 

Enter the Reports Module > Custom Reports. Click on Add A Report.

Important note: this module is only available to Account Owners. Other user levels have no access.

Your sheet consists of rows and columns:

  • Each row covers a guest in a booking. The data relates to his/her details, general details of the booking (or main booker) and booked items that he/she is assigned to. 
  • Each column is defined by you via the Columns-setting which we cover in this article.

The title is just for internal purposes.
You can select bookings based on creation or arrival date. The period can be set to 'Last 30 days', 'Current month' or you can define a Custom period (if you would like to see all bookings till the current date you could specify a date in the future). Furthermore you can filter by location if you have defined multiple locations in your Bookinglayer account.

Here you can define the columns for your sheet. We have grouped all the column options by various filters: 

  • Booking
  • Booker
  • Guest
  • Booked Items
  • Special

When you select an option under Booking, Booker and Guest, a cell will hold a single value (e.g. the Guest's first name).

Under Booked Items you will find all the items in your inventory of packages, accommodations, activities etc. When you select an item under Booked Items the column heading will hold the title of the selected item and a cell of that column will hold a number, representing how often the guest has booked that item (being 0 when not present in the booking).

Columns with different behavior are listed under Special. We'll briefly cover all options below:

Product Groups
When selected your sheet will hold a column for each Product Group-abbreviation you have set in your inventory. The corresponding cells will hold the number of times items of that Product Group have been booked by the guest. The abbreviation for a Product Group can be set under 'Backoffice' in the item's settings.

Every location to which the booking belongs to is listed in the cell, comma separated.

Every package that the guest has booked is listed in the cell, comma separated.

Every accommodation option that the guest is assigned to within the booking is listed in the cell, comma separated.

The cell will list all payment dates, amounts and payment methods for the booking, comma separated.

The cell will list all invoice numbers for the booking, comma separated.

The cell will list all notes for the booking, comma separated.

The cell will display True or False based on whether the guest has a single room supplement or not.

VAT (GST) Breakdown
This will add a column for each VAT rate to break the total price down into an amount per VAT rate.

Here you can set the email address of the recipient.

Choose between daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Choose whether you want to receive the sheet as an Excel or CSV file. If you experience problems with Excel we recommend trying out CSV.

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