It could be that the standard reports Bookinglayer offers are not sufficient. E.g. you need a report for the third party like an insurance company holding details of guests and the items they booked. In these cases, Custom Reports might help. A Custom Report is basically an information sheet that is sent by email as an attachment. 

Enter the Reports Module > Custom Reports. Click on Add A Report.

Important note: this module is only available to Account Owners. Other user levels have no access.

Give the report a name.

Type of report
You can select among:

  • Bookings: each row in your report holds a single booking

  • Guest: each row in your report holds a guest that belongs to a booking

  • Product: each row in your report holds a product booked by a guest

  • Payment: each row in your report holds a payment.

Once you select your option, click on Create Custom Report button. The report is created and you will be able to edit it by clicking on the three dots you will find on the right side of the report you created.

Options Tab


Different types of reports will give you different options to select from. For example, in the report based on the product, you can select the Start date, End date, and Creation date of the product.

The period can be set to 'fixed dates' or you can define a Custom period (you could specify from which date in the past you want to collect the data and for how long in the future you want the data to be visible in the report).


Enter the email addresses you want to send this report to. You can add multiple receivers, use a comma to separate them.

Choose whether you want to receive the sheet as an Excel or CSV file. If you experience problems with Excel we recommend trying out CSV.

Filters Tab

Here you can define the status of the report. Based on the report types you can decide to include only the bookings with a certain booking status, payment status, or even payment method that was used. If needed there's also an option to filter the report only for certain products that have been booked.

If you have defined multiple locations in your Bookinglayer account, you can filter your report by location (valid for product and payment report).

Columns Tab


Here you can define the columns for your sheet.

Scheduler Tab

Here you decide when this report should be sent out. Choose between daily, weekly, and monthly options. Decide the period in which you would like to receive this report.

Further options

Click on the three dots on the right side:

Edit the report at any time.

In the View schedule, you can check for which dates the report is scheduled for.

Download preview is a good way to see if the report you created is what you actually need.

Send now button will send the report to the recipeint stright away, regardles the shuedule settings.

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