Bookinglayer is a reservation management system focused on selling packages - the combination of accommodation and activities. However, it might happen that you would like to sell a package without accommodation. In this article, we show you how to configure a one day activity package without accommodation.

1. Add a package to your Inventory.

2. Select a Backoffice Category (or create a new one). 

3. Choose a Package Title

4. Select a pricing logic

5. Make sure your package doesn't include accommodation

6. In order to configure a one day activity, it is important to select Fixed duration and set the duration to 1 day. 

7. Add your package items and set all configurations to Simple Configuration > Arrival Day. Please note that in packages with Auto Pricing Logic, the price of the package will be fetched from the activities in your Inventory.

Your one-day activity package without accommodation can now be booked in your Frontoffice.

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