Do you want to work with multiple locations but can't find the Locations tab? Or do you need more locations? Please contact our sales team.

How to assign Inventory to specific locations

1. Click on the Inventory module and access the relevant inventory category

2. Access the settings of the inventory item

3. In the Settings section you will see a dropdown list of your relevant locations. Assign each inventory item to the applicable location.

IMPORTANT: don't forget to assign your Backoffice categories to your locations.

4. Once your locations have been assigned to your inventory products, you can filter the following sections per location:

  • Calendar
  • Day Planner
  • Arrivals
  • Departures
  • Dietary List
  • Booking List

Calendar view

Booking page view

How to assign Users to specific locations

1. Click on Settings Module

2. Click on Users 

3. Click on Edit under the three dots on the right side. 

4. Click on the Location tab and assign the relevant locations to the user

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