Sorry, there has been an error... Is this view familiar? Most of the time, this message appears when an item or an item within a package is not configured correctly. Let's have a look at how to solve this quickly!

Before contacting support, please check the following common configuration mistakes that cause Booking Engine errors: 

1. Have you set prices for all items within the package? If a package is set up with a Manual pricing logic, a price has to be added for all optional items and upgrades within the package (Inventory > Packages). If a package is set up as Auto pricing, all the items need to have a price set in the Inventory (Inventory > Accommodation and Inventory > Activities). Please see this article about pricing logic. 

2. How many people are making the booking? Make sure the number of people that are trying to make the booking doesn't exceed the maximum pax set for this package. Please check the pax per booking setting (under the Booking Engine tab) of your package and the package items.

3. Another issue related to pricing could arise when you're working with seasons.
Please double-check whether your set seasons are covering the entire year, and a price has been set for each season. See this article for more information.

4. Is the activity, service, or item fully booked? If one of them is fully booked an error message comes up as well. Set your activity, service, or item to unlimited capacity or increase the number of spots/items. See this article about the capacities.

How to spot the configuration mistake or issue faster?

If you are a tech-savvy person you can also find a hint on what is causing the issue by clicking on the right side of your mouse and clicking on inspect

Go to console and in most cases, the issue can be found under the error message. In this example, the error is caused by a missing price for one package item.

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