Important: As the different rates per number of people are set on activity level, these prices don't apply to packages created with manual package pricing logic.

1. Pax-Based Pricing

In your Inventory, you can set prices for accommodations and activities that have different rates per number of guests. For example, your surf classes are 50EUR per hour if a single person makes a booking, 30EUR per person per hour if two students book together, and 20EUR per person per hour if a group of three people makes the reservation.

Please note that the price is per person and applies when the corresponding number of guests is making the booking.

2. Quantity-Based Pricing

For activities that have different prices per quantity, use the quantity column to set the number of times people can book, and the price per person per lesson. 

* Common mistake: setting a total price in the last column instead of setting a price per lesson. Double-check your settings.

Please note that you can set many different rates by combining Pax-Based and Quantity-Based Pricing. In the Booking Engine, the price will be fetched taking into account all configurations regarding both the number of people and number of lessons. 

You can also set different rates for your Accommodation, depending on the number of nights. Please read this article for more information.

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