With Bookinglayer, you can choose to either set price points in multiple currencies or work with automatic currency conversion.

*** Currency conversion comes as an Advanced Feature. If you would like to have it enabled in your account please contact our sales team.

Automatic currency conversion

Automatic currency conversion gives you the option of setting price points in your default currency only, while still offering your products in any currency that you previously enabled in your Backoffice Settings.

When enabled, there are three things that Bookinglayer checks in order to retrieve a price for your products in both Front- and Backoffice:

  1. If within an inventory item's settings, a price point is explicitly set for each enabled currency, Bookinglayer will always use these price points per currency;

  2. If a fixed currency conversion rate for each currency is set in the currency settings (with your default currency serving as the basis for the calculation), the price will be converted according to those custom conversion rates of yours;

  3. If there is no fixed currency conversion rate set in the currency settings, the price will be converted according to the latest market conversion rates.

To access the currency settings

1. Go to your Settings Module > General Settings and click on Currencies.

2. Enable your desired currencies

3. Set a Default currency

4. Set custom conversion rates or leave the fields empty if you prefer to use daily updated exchange rates instead. 

Please note that, if you manually set inventory prices for each currency within an inventory item's setting itself, this will overrule the currency converter. 

Conversion rates are always rounded up. This means that if an inventory item would be USD 152,30 after conversion, Bookinglayer rounds it up to USD 153. 

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