This article explains how to add different rates per number of nights and a different number of guests. It also explains settings Charge Each person and Charge Once per group.

Scroll down to the pricing section. Click on Add a Rate and choose a quantity (number of nights) to fill in the respective price.

Charge: Each person

The displayed rates are the price per person for the accommodation corresponding to that number of nights. 

Add rates with different combinations of nights and number of guests (Pax) to set prices according to each combination.

In the example above, the price will be 100 EUR / night if a person books for less than 7 nights. If 2 people book for less than 7 nights the price will be 120 EUR / night (60€ + 60€).

The price for 7 nights will be 600 EUR when only 1 person makes a reservation or 700 EUR (350€ + 350€) if 2 guests make a reservation together.

Charge: Once per group

When you want to charge a fixed price per accommodation, regardless of how many guests will stay in this room, you can just set a price to be charged once per group.

Shared rooms

The above-mentioned pricing works best for the accommodation with private room types. If the room can be shared with unrelated bookers we recommend setting a price per person per bed and considering a single room supplement.

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