Our Support Team is happy to help you solve any issue regarding the system and the set-up of your account. Here are some tips on how to make support conversations more efficient.

Submit a support request

Whenever you have a question or issue you can access our support module by clicking on the "?" icon you will always find at the top right corner of the Backoffice.

Here, if you do not find a solution in our Help Center, you can complete and submit our support form. If you are reporting an incident, please make sure to select the appropriate level of priority.

Things you should include in your request

For each issue, we need as much information as possible to be able to quickly understand the situation. If possible, please make sure you include:

  • The inventory item (package/accommodation/activity) you're referring to

  • The booking number (if applicable)

  • The Backoffice Module in which you need help

  • Screenshots

  • A clear explanation of what needs to be done

***To help us access and review the product or booking quicker, you can simply copy and provide us with the URL of the inventory or booking page.

Support Chat

Bookinglayer's Backoffice Chat is a great way to communicate with support. To be able to fully assist you, we kindly ask to open a new request for each issue you would like to discuss with us. You can find our chat on this page.

Please note that the Support Chat is only available for accounts with premium support plans.

Where can I find my earlier conversations?

Click on Chat with us and then See all

Our Help Center

Our Help Center includes many articles, step by step tutorials and videos. We're improving our knowledge base every day, so please try to find your answer before contacting support.

Frequently Asked Questions

P.S. We'd be honoured if you can review our software here. It will only take 2 minutes of your time!

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