Steps on how to set Diet options in your Backoffice

1. Click on the Settings module on the left side menu.

2. Click on General Settings > Diets > Add a diet.

3. Enter a label, description, and abbreviation of your new diet.

4. Save your changes.

Tip: you can ask your customers to fill out their dietary requirements before arrival in their Customer Portal. Please refer to this article.

How to access and use the Dietary List

The Dietary List gives an overview of your guests' Dietary requirements. This is especially useful if you offer breakfast, dinner, or full/half-board options.

1. Enter your Planning Module and click on Dietary List. 

Now you can make a selection of which information you want to display. You can use the following filters:

  • 2. Specific diets (as set earlier in your Backoffice)

  • 3. Date range

  • 4. Please note that different columns can be disabled and enabled by clicking on the Table Columns icon:

5. If a guest communicates his diet, the abbreviation of the diet will be displayed in the Diet column.

The diets page can be printed or exported as an Excel or PDF file.

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