What is a Room Transfer?

Allowing Room Transfers will increase your occupancy as your guests will automatically be booked into an available room (of the same room type) for the nights the original room is occupied by another guest. That is, by allowing a person to change rooms after a couple of nights, you will still be able to welcome the guests while without the Room Transfer, there wouldn't be availability anymore.

That's how room transfer looks like in the Booking Engine:

Tip: the list of Room Transfers for (a) certain date(s) can be found in your Planning Module: Planning > Room Transfers

How to allow Room Transfers 

1. Click on Sales > Booking Engine > Accommodation

2. Enable the button next to Allow room transfers 

3. Save

Now all bookings made through the Booking Engine will automatically be moved into another room of the same room type in case the original room is partially unavailable. 

How to manually create a Backoffice Booking with a Room Transfer

1. Go to the Planning module 

2. Click on Calendar 

3. Click on the arrival date in the calendar

4. Add the number of the guests

5. Add the number of the nights you'd like the guests to stay in the selected room 

6. Add the Booker information

7. To transfer the same guests into another room, click on Add another item

8. Click on the starting date in the new room - in any free room of your choice

9. Add the number of guests 

10. Add the number of nights you want the guests to stay in the second room

11. Select the booker from the list

12. Click on Finish booking

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