How to add a Discount in your Backoffice

1. Enter the Sales module 

2. Click on Discounts

3. Click on Add a Discount

4. Give your Discount a Title 

5. Select whether the Discount will be added to your bookings automatically, or whether you want to manually apply discounts if applicable*. More information on this can be found below.

6. Choose a percentage or an amount for your Discount and hit the Save button. 

7. After having created your new Discount, you can set additional settings and conditions by clicking on the Three Dot Icon on the right side of the column. Click Edit.

8. In the new page that pops up, you can set certain Conditions for your Discount, and select the Inventory Items on which the Discount will be applied. For example: 

  • minimum number of pax. in the booking
  • minimum number of nights
  • minimum booking amount 
  • the period in which the discount is valid

If no Inventory Items are selected, the Discount will be valid on all items by default.

Please note that you can also select just certain items within a Package if you don't want the Discount to apply to all the Package Items.

What is the difference between Automatic and Manual Discounts?

You can choose to apply your Discounts either manually or automatically. 

Automatic Discounts: if you set your Discounts to Automatic, the Discount will be applied automatically if the booking meets the conditions set in the Discounts tab. In the example below, the booking has a total amount of 270€ and the automatic discount was set to 10%:

Manual Discounts: you can also set pre-set Discounts in your Backoffice to later manually apply them to bookings in your Backoffice. 

1. Open the Booking and select the discount you wish to apply.
2. The system will deduct the discount amount to the booking's total.
3. You can remove a discount by clicking on the red Remove button. 



Coupons are codes which you can use on your website or in your marketing activities such as newsletters or Facebook posts. The code can be filled in during the booking process by a client and, when valid, the discount will be applied. You can limit the number of Coupons to give an incentive to early bookers.

How to allow your customers to enter a Coupon Code in your Frontoffice

1. Enter the Settings Module > Frontoffice Settings > Checkout & Guest Details
2. Make sure that the box to 'Accept Coupons' is ticked.  

How to create a new Coupon in your Backoffice 

1. Go to the Sales Module > Discounts. Click on Add a Coupon

2. Give your Coupon a Title 

3. Create a Coupon Code to send to your clients.

4. Choose the maximum amount of redeems.

5. Choose the type of the discount (percentage of amount)

6. Hit Save

7. After having created your new Coupon, you can modify and set conditions by clicking on the Three Dot Icon on the right hand side of the column. 


Discounts in package's item rates

You can decide if each item's price is picked from the inventory and applied to the total package price (considering the pricing logic set) or if it will be included at no charge. If you choose the option to "pick from inventory", it is also possible to apply a reduction (apply discount field) to the price taken from the inventory,  that will only apply in this specific package.

This reduction or discount will be automatically deducted from the price points and will not be displayed as a discount in the summary widget.

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