If you want to send an automated email to customers who haven't filled in their
transfer information yet, you can follow these steps.

1. Click on Settings > Automation

2. Select Automated Emails.

3. Scroll down to Request for Arrival Info and enable the blue button on the top right in order to activate it.

4. Choose the policy. By choosing flexible, the reminder is sent until at least one of the travelers has filled in their transfer details. Strict means that the reminder is sent to the booker until all travelers have filled in their travel details.

5. Choose the number of days prior to arrival from which the email reminder will be sent on.

6. If you want, you can also choose for the email to be sent only once. If you don't tick the box, the reminder email will be sent every day until the transfer details are provided by your guests. 

7. View and modify the template in your Backoffice (Settings > Automation).

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