You can find the Custom Fields section in your Settings Module, under the General Settings tab. In your Backoffice, there are three types of Custom Fields. You can assign a Custom Field to your Guest, to your Bookings, and to the Booker. What is the difference?

  • Guest:

If you assign a custom field to the Guest, this information will have to be filled out by your client in their Customer Portal. This allows you to require additional information from your guests in order for them to start their trip. Think of their dietary requirements, passport number, wetsuit size, or any other type of information that is valuable for you to have. The process of how to do this is described below.

  • Booking:

If you assign a custom field to the Booking, ˆthis information will show in the Booking page in your Backoffice and will be for internal use only. It won't show in your Customer Portal and cannot be filled out by the clients.

For example, you run a surf house with multiple rooms and wish to keep track of whether all your guests returned their keys after their stay. Follow the steps as described above but choose to assign the custom field to 'Booking' instead of 'Guest'. Fill out the rest of the details and click on Save.

Your custom field will now show on the Booking page and can be filled out by your company.

  • Booker:

Custom fields assigned to the Booker are, just like the ones assigned to a Booking, for internal use only and won't be displayed in the Customer Portal. The difference between the two is that the Booker field is assigned to the person that made the booking, rather than the booking he or she made. This custom field will be shown, together with all other information that's known about him or her, when you click on the name of the Booker.

How to request additional information from your guests via the Web Check-in

1. Go to the Settings Module in your Backoffice

2. Click on General Settings > Custom Fields

3. On the Guest fields table, click on Add a field  and a window will open up on the right side of your screen

4. Add a Backoffice Lable (which is only visible to you)

5. Choose the type of data you want to collect: multiple choice or free text input?

6. Set a Customer Portal label. This will be visible to your customers. (If you have selected "option list", add the different labels that customers will be able to select one from)

7. Make sure to save!

8. After that go to Customer Portal settings > Web Check-in Flow in your Settings Module

9. Enable Additional questions in the web check-in

10. Click on the Guest Fields hyperlink

11. To display the field on the Web Check-in set Always show or Certain items.

12. If you have selected Certain items, toggle the items that should be booked for the field to be displayed.

13. You can also decide if the field is optional or required.

Now, you can see the fields in the modules you activated. Here's an example of the "Wetsuit size" field that was enabled for surf packages:

1. Customer Portal. It will show during the Web Check-in.

2. Day Planner

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