To integrate Bookinglayer with your Stripe account, have both your Stripe account and Bookinglayer account open. Stripe settings in Bookinglayer can be found under Settings > Payment Gateways.

Add your Private and Public key
You will have to copy-paste the Publishable Key and the Secret Key. In your Stripe-account go to Developers > API Keys.

Register the webhook
It is important that you setup a webhook. Without setting up the webhook your payments won't be registered in Bookinglayer.
This is how you setup the Webhook:

  1. In your Stripe-account go to Developers > Webhooks.
  2. Click on 'Add endpoint'.
  3. Copy the URL (you find this URL inside Bookinglayer under your Stripe settings as soon as you have selected one of the alternative payment methods). and paste it in the field 'Endpoint URL'.
  4. Under 'Events to send' you can click on 'receive all events', if that option is not visible then make sure to select all events under the categories 'Charge' and 'Payment Intent'.

5. After you have created the endpoint, click on the row to open the settings. You will find a Signing Secret here that you need to copy and save in Bookinglayer.

Make sure to Save the changes. Your Stripe account is now registered and your payment methods will show on the Payment Page.

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