Bookinglayer allows you to set Levels to define your guests' abilities. This can be applied to any kind of activity where discerning capability is necessary, for example, surf lessons or yoga classes.

Steps on how to pre-set levels in your Backoffice:

1. Click on the Settings module on the left side menu.

2. Select General Settings > Levels.

3. Add a level.

4. Enter a label, abbreviation, and a description to your new level. If you have multiple languages enabled on your account, make sure to add the translations as well.

5. Save your changes.

How to request your client to fill in their level

You can request or require your client to fill in their level on two different occasions:

1. At the time of booking, in your booking form. In order to do this, you would need to enable this setting at the product level (in your activity or package):

2. After having made the booking, during the Web Checkin in the Customer Portal. For this, go to Settings > Customer Portal > Web Checkin:

How to manually add or change your guest's level

These levels will now show up as options when you add or edit guests in your database.

1. Click on Bookings on the left side menu.

2. Select any booking.

3. Open the Guest details by clicking on their name.

4. In the guest's profile you can add or update an existing level information.

5. Save your changes.

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