1. Go to the Settings module.

2. Click on Integrations.

3. Select the MailChimp tab.

4. Paste your Mailchimp's API key (If you don't know what the API key is, please refer to this article).

5. Save your changes.

6. Bookinglayer will automatically retrieve your Mailchimp lists and store them in the system.

7. A new MailChimp (beta) tab will be automatically created in all your booker's profile.

8. You can now see if someone is subscribed to your MailChimp list, and if not you can select 'subscribe' and the corresponding email address will be added to the list.

9. Bookinglayer will add a mailing list opt-in to your booking form, so bookers can subscribe to your MailChimp list when making a booking from your website.

10. Notice that when your customers opt to subscribe to your mailing list at the moment of their booking, the booker's status in the MailChimp tab comes up as subscribed.

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