1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp.

2. Paste your Mailchimp's API key (If you don't know what the API key is, please refer to this article).

3. Save your changes.

4. Bookinglayer will automatically retrieve your Mailchimp lists and store them in the system.

5. Select a Default list. This will be the one bookers and guests will subscribe to if they Opt in.

Booker Opt-In

To allow a booker to opt-in while doing a booking, add an Agreement (If you don't know what an Agreement is please refer to this article) and check the Newsletter box.

Bookers will find it above the Book now button.

Guest Opt-in

To allow guests to opt-in, add this as a step to the Web Check-in flow (if you don't know what the Web Check-in is please refer to this article)

On each guest or booker profile you will find a Mailchimp tab. Here, you will find see Mailchimp lists and the status of the subscription.

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