How to an set expiration date for pending bookings

1. Click on the Settings module

2. Click on General Settings

3. Click on Pending bookings

4. Tick the box Let pending bookings automatically expire.

5. Enter the number of days you want your bookings to expire after it's originally created.

When you should use the expiry function:

1. You receive a booking request over email or phone, and enter the booking as Pending in your Backoffice. The booking is for the 10th of October.

2. The expiration date is set as 10 days after booking.

3. Unless the booking status is set to Confirmed by you or the customer within the next 10 days, the booking will expire on the 20th of October.

4. On the 19th of October, your customer will receive an automatic email (24 hours before the expiration date), as a reminder to confirm their booking. 

You can also choose not to let pending bookings automatically expire, in which case the customer will not receive an email and the booking will remain as pending, even after the arrival date.

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