1. Enter your Inventory Module

2. Select a package 

3. Go to the Booking Engine tab. Here, you will find the option to select a Booking mode. There are two options: Normal or Groups.

When Normal is selected, each guest is required to fill in their personal details:

If the option Groups is selected, the client has the option to make a group booking. This way, only one person needs to fill in their details to make a booking through the Booking Engine.

When receiving a group booking, Bookinglayer automatically creates all the guests within the booking, naming them "Guest 2", "Guest 3", etc. 

Of course, you can still require the guests to fill out their name and other personal details in their Customer Portal. 


If you are working with Guest Group Rates or you've set a minimum age for the package to be booked, then the Groups booking mode is not possible.

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