Important: As Single Room Supplements are set on accommodation level, the SRS rate doesn't apply to packages created with manual package pricing logic

The Single Room Supplement (SRS) is only available for shared rooms. Whether a room is shared or private is indicated by the Room Type. Before you continue, please double check your Room Type is set to Shared. Please read this article for more information.

1. How to set Single Room Supplements

In the following example, we have a 2P Shared Room:

If we want to allow our clients to book the rooms privately, we have to set a Single Room Supplement. Click on the Settings icon in the pricing tab of your Accommodation:

In the image below, we can see that:

1. The normal price of the room is 35 EUR per person per night.

2. I can book the room privately for an additional 20 EUR per night (SRS)

In your Booking Engine, it will look like this:

2. How to add the Single Room Supplement to a Backoffice booking

While creating a Backoffice booking, set the field Single Room Supplement to yes if you want to privately book the room for your client.

2. Bookinglayer will then apply the Single Room Supplement to the booking and automatically block the other bed(s) in the room. 

3. The Single Room Supplement (SRS) will also be displayed on the Booking Page and the invoice.

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