If your business is seasonal and you want to vary your prices according to seasons, Bookinglayer has a "Season" function in the Settings tab that allows you to set as many seasons as you like throughout the year, which will then appear when setting up the pricing for your accommodation and activities.

Steps on how to set Seasons:

1. Click on Settings Module

2. Click on General Settings

3. Click on Seasons.

4. Click on Add a Season.

5. Write your season's label and click on Create a season.

6. Once your season is created, click on the Add a period button.

7. Select the period you want for that season.

8. Click on Add period to season to save your changes.

Ensure that you cover all 365 days of the year if you decide to use the Seasons function. This is an example of how seasons should look once they have been set:

How to set different prices per season

After your seasons have been set

1. Go to the Inventory module
2. Create a new product or click on an existing one
3. Go to the Pricing tab in your product page
4. Select Seasonal pricing
5. Click on Add a rate and set the price per seasonĀ 

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