If you work with partners that link to your Booking Engine, you can use a partner URL that will identify the booking with the referring partner.

Each time someone books a product that has a referral code in the URL, Bookinglayer associates the booking with the relevant partner.

In order to set up the referral code, go to Sales > Partners, create or edit an existing partner, then, enter a tracking code.

Once saved, you can show the partner's URL from the side partner three-dotted menu.

Here you can copy your partner's URL for your Booking Engine:

The referral code can be used on any of your products in the Booking Engine.

To offer a specific product using the referral code, paste the code right after the URL.

In the example below, the referral code is yoganomade. To make this code work in the Booking Engine


should be pasted right after the product URL, as per the screenshot below:

Partners can then link their "Book Now" buttons on their website to the Booking Engine URL with the referral code included.


Note that the referral code disappears once the customer navigates to a different page on the booking form but it will be stored in a cookie with a lifetime of one month. If the visitor will use the same device and browser to return to the booking form at a later stage but before the cookie expires (without having the referral code in the URL) the booking will be still marked as a partner booking.

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