This article explains the email templates that Bookinglayer has pre-set in your account and how they are related to the booking status.

Please note you can edit the content of the emails in the Templates tab.

Steps to activate automated emails:

1. Click on Settings on the left side menu.

2. Select Automation

3. Click on Automated Emails
4. Tick the boxes when you wish to activate specific automated emails. Don't forget to save

The templates that Bookinglayer has pre-set for you include:

Online Booking Autoreply
Sent when somebody successfully completes a booking through your booking form. This email will be sent regardless of the manual or automatic confirmation status, and regardless of the payment status.

Payment Autoreply
Sent every time a payment is registered via the Booking Form or the payment form within the Customer Portal URL.

Confirmation reminder
If you are waiting on a customer to confirm their booking, you can decide to let this booking expire within a certain timeframe after the booking was made. The confirmation reminder will be sent by Bookinglayer automatically 24hrs before a Pending booking expires. To set an expiration date for pending bookings see this article.

Deposit reminder *

Sent when no deposit has been paid on a booking, on a certain number of days after the booking was made. Bookinglayer will check the status of a customer's booking and automatically send this email. You can choose how many days after a booking is made that the 'deposit reminder' email will be sent.

Balance reminder *
The Balance reminder works similarly to the Deposit Reminder, but for the remaining balance of an invoice. You can set how many days before arrival that you would like Bookinglayer to send this email template for you.

Transfer Info Request

This email will be sent to customers who haven't yet filled in their transfer information. You can choose the number of days prior to arrival that this email sends.

Travel Reminder

This email is to remind customers of certain information prior to departure from their homes. You can choose the number of days prior to arrival that this email sends.

Welcome Home

This email can be sent a certain number of days after the checkout or departure of a customer from your services. It is a nice place to include links to review websites or future discount offers.

Need another template?
You can create templates for emails and sms messages yourself in the Template tab in your Backoffice. Read here how to set rules that trigger these e-mails to be sent.

  • In case you accept bank transfer payments its important you check regularly to prevent that a customer receives a reminder for a payment that is already made. 

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