Bookinglayer has pre-set roles and permissions for all Users created in the Backoffice. This way, you are able to decide which modules and information your staff can see. This article gives an explanation of each role. 

Users access levels

Account owner
This user has access to all modules of the Backoffice and is able to create other users.

This user has the same access rights as the Account owner, except for Reports and Settings.

This user has the same access rights as the account owner except for Reports, Inventory, and Settings.

This user has access to bookings, customers, and guests as well as all Planning modules (your Calendar, the Arrival list, etc). He/she is able to make changes in the calendar, append items to bookings, and register payments.

This user has minimal access rights and is only able to access the lists of participants per day.

This user has only access to your invoices.

How to add a new Backoffice User

1. Go to Settings > Users.

2. Click on Add a user.

3. Select the Role of your new user (see descriptions above) and fill out the remaining Personal Details in this tab

4. Save changes.

The new user will receive an email notification with the login details.

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