Some regions require a tax payment on a per-night/day basis, rather than a percentage of your sales. You can set this as a "Tourist Tax" in Bookinglayer.

IMPORTANT: The price of the tourist tax will be included in the total price of a booking (it won't be added on top of it).

To set up this tax rate

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on General Settings

3. Click on Tax Rates

4. Add a Tourist Tax

5. Select the amount and the frequency in which this tax will be applied:

Bookinglayer will automatically add this tax to your booking's invoice:

If you want to add a tourist tax as an additional amount (on top of the booking's total amount), you will need to set it up as a "Service" and include this tax as part of a package (Please refer to this article to know more about how to create a service).

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