1. How to create a Transfer service in your Backoffice 

1. Open the Inventory module 

2. Click on Services > Add a service.

3. In the new box that pops up, choose an existing Backoffice Category, or create a new one.

4. Give your service a Title.

5. Save service.

6. In the configuration tab, make sure that Transfer = Yes.

Airport transfer in Customer Portal

When transfer service is added to a booking, the Customer Portal will ask for transfer info in the Web Check-in tab, so guests can fill in their arrival and departure details: arrival/departure time, location, and flight number.

2. How to set Transfer Locations

You can add pre-set Transfer Locations in your Backoffice, which makes it easier to manage your airport pick-up services. 

1. Go to the Settings module > click on General Settings > select Transfer Locations.

2. Add a location

3. Enter a Title for your new Transfer Location.

4. Enter an abbreviation, if applicable (it can help you to quickly identify this location in the Backoffice).

5. Select which type of the transfer location

6. Select visible or hidden, depending on whether you want your customers to be able to select this location in the Customer Portal, or have the location for internal use only.

These Transfer Locations now appear in three places:

1. As a drop-down list in your Customer Portal (if the location is set to 'visible') in the previous steps

2. On the Bookings page, where you can quickly access and manually change arrival and departure details by clicking on the guest's name

3. On both the Arrivals and Departures pages, where you can access and export all Transfer information.

3. How to access and export Transfer information

Sometimes it is helpful to pass customer data to a person who does not have the access to your system. For example, if your business offers Airport Pick-ups, it might be useful to Export all Transfer Data and share this information with the driver.

In order to export Transfer Data :

1. Click on the Planning Module
2. Click on Arrivals/Departures

3. Click on the Table Columns icon.
4. Enable the button Only show guests who have booked a transfer

5. Choose the information you want to show in the list: arrival/departure time, flight, location, transfer comments, etc.

6. Choose whether you want to export the information as a PDF file, Excel file, or print the page

You can now easily share your Transfer Data to effectively manage your pick-up services!

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