The rules module can set automated and pre-defined emails, based on different conditions and settings of a booking.

In this module, you can adjust which email is sent depending on a booking status, product or action taken.

Steps on how to set up rules

1. Go to the Settings module.

2. Click on Automation.

3. Click on Rules.

4. Click on Add a Rule.

A box to the right will appear where you can configure the rule settings.

5. Chose an email template that you want to apply a rule to.

6. You can send this email to bookers or to a specific staff member.

7. In the trigger section, you can choose the exact moment you want to send this email.

e.g. 2 days after booking

Please note:

  • "Before" option will still trigger the email for new bookings done within the execution time and the check-out. e.g. The rule has an execution trigger of 10 days before check-out. A booking is done 5 days before check-out. The email will still be triggered, but closer to the check-out date.
  • "Before (strict)" option will not trigger the email if a booking is done past the execution period.

8. You can opt to send out this email to all the bookings you receive (any category + any item), or only when users book a specific product(s). You can also define whether the email should be sent out for the whole package and not all package items.

In the conditions section (Limit to), you can:

9. Set a specific booking status to receive this email.

10. Set that bookings from a specific source receive this email.

11. Set that bookings for a specific location receive this email.

12. Configure a special email rule that will only be triggered for last minute bookings. Check our KB article Deposit options & last minute bookings to know more about last minute bookings.

13. Decide if the email will have a delayed execution or not. By delaying the execution you can achieve that existing bookings from a certain creation date or within a given check-in period are excluded.

14. To finish, click Save rule.

From which e-mail address are my outgoing e-mails sent? 

The sender email address for automated emails and rules is by default the same email address that is configured for the Bookinglayer account. This email address can be changed. Please contact our support team.

It is not possible to set different sender email addresses for your automated emails.

In case you want to change the domain part of the email address, please check your DNS settings in order to prevent that the emails go to the spam folder.  For further information about DNS settings, please see this article. 

Automated emails and partner bookings

If working with partners, it's important to choose the Policy for Automated Emails & Rules.

To set an email policy go to the Sales Module > Partners > Add a partner or Edit a partner (by clicking on the three dots on the right side). Decide which email policy you want to apply when a booking comes in through your partner.

1. Sent to Booker

With this setting on, the email flow you created will be sent to the booker.

The booker will receive every email on your list (based on the booking status and the rules set). We suggest checking with your partner which emails will be sent from their side and which emails need to be sent out by you. For example, somebody may book through Surfawhile and will be expecting a confirmation email from Surfawhile.

When the partner sends out the booking confirmation, you might want to exclude your confirmation emails for those bookings, so the booker only receives one email.

This can be achieved by updating the rule:

Scroll down to the partner filed. Make sure that the Reverse button is active to avoid bookings from certain partners from getting the generic emails.

Important:** the emails under the tab 'automated emails’ have preset rules. It's not possible to exclude the partners from the emails active under the 'automated emails’ tab. You will have to disable the emails under ‘automated rule’ and recreate those pre-set automated emails as rules (under the 'Rules' tab) and then exclude the partners.

2. Send to Partner

The automatic emails will be sent to the partner. The booker will not receive them.

3. Disable

The booker who made a booking through a partner will not receive any emails.

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