In your General Settings you can set a specific deposit amount that applies to all of your products (General Settings > Deposit and Last Minute). You can, however, override this setting for specific products or individual bookings.

How to set a unique deposit amount for a specific product

1. Access the inventory item that you would like to set a specific deposit for.

2. Scroll down to the Booking Engine tab

3. Enter the deposit percentage in the Overrule deposit field

Please note that this percentage will overrule the default deposit amount that you have set in your Settings module. (General Settings > Deposit & Last Minute).

Overruling Deposit on Package Items

If you set a specific deposit on inventory items (be that accommodation, activities, or services) that are part of a package, please note that the overall package deposit will then change to the custom deposit you set for this individual inventory item.

How to set a custom deposit amount for a specific booking

1. Open a booking and click on the Settings icon next to the deposit percentage.

2. You can now enter either a fixed amount or a deposit percentage.

The new deposit amount will now show on the Booking Page in your Backoffice and the Payment Form.

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