1. Click on the Booking section in the left side menu.

2. Select the Invoices tab.

3. Click on either the Invoice Number or the Open button to access specific invoice details.

You can also access a (draft) invoice through a specific booking page. Enter the Bookings module > Bookings > Select Booking > Invoices > Select invoice. 

How to add lines to your Invoice

4. Click on the button Add Line to add an extra line to the invoice

5. Add a title and price and hit Save Changes.

How to manually add a Discount to your invoice 

You can also manually add a Discount to an invoice if you have previously set Discounts in your Backoffice. More information on Discounts can be found in this article.

6. Click on Add discount and select the applicable Discount.

How to delete/change lines in your Invoice 

7. Click on the Settings icon to modify the line (price/item title) 

8. Delete a line by clicking on the Delete button

Please note that if you decide to change the price of an existing room, activity, or item in your Backoffice, all of the invoices that had been generated for those items prior to the change, will remain set at the original pricing.

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