1. Open the Inventory Module 

2. Click on Activities

3. Select an existing activity or create a new one

4. In the activity configurations, select the option Time Slots

5. Click on the cog icon to start setting your Time Slots per weekday. Per time slot, mark the available days in green, and the days which aren't available, in red.

6. Don't forget to save each row of Time Slots individually.

In the Frontoffice page, guests will be able to select different time slots for this activity and the price will be updated according to your settings. The price set on activity level is per activity, per person. So if a price is set at €15 per class, means that the total price is €30 when two Timeslots are selected.

You can see the different time slots in the guests' order and also in your activity calendar:

Capacity per time slot

It is possible to set limited capacities for each time slot. If you would like to learn how to do please read our following article; Capacity Manager.

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